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Why WordPress is the Best Fit for Your Web Site in 2024

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Mike Kipruto

If you are not using WordPress for your website in 2024, you are most likely doing it wrongly.

Here are 6 reasons why WordPress is probably an appropriate fit for you:

WordPress is open source — It is supported by enthusiastic developers, designers, marketers, bloggers, and more.

WordPress is incredibly extensible — with over 60k *free* plugins of all sorts on the Plugin Directory, along with thousands of solid commercial plugins. 

WordPress can be anything — WordPress allows building various websites, including blogs, online stores, knowledge bases, newsstands, marketplaces, forums, portfolios, web applications, small business sites, bio pages, subscription portals, and ticketing sites.

WordPress is secure — the WordPress Security Team is made up of ~50 experts focusing on identifying, reviewing, and resolving potential vulnerabilities.

WordPress is easy to style — you can easily Create a WordPress site using a blank canvas or block themes, and customize colors, fonts, and layouts.

WordPress is blocks — WordPress offers numerous blocks for various purposes, including galleries, forms, newsletter opt-ins, calendars, and maps, with plugin options available within the editor.


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