How to Change or Remove ‘Howdy’ in WordPress the Easy Way

Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by Mike Kipruto

Today I want to share a quick and easy tutorial on changing or removing the ‘Howdy‘ in WordPress using custom code.

To achieve this, we will use the following code that adds a filter to modify the “Howdy” using the WordPress “gettext” filter hook.

function mk_change_howdy_text($translated_text, $text, $domain) {
    $new_howdy = str_replace('Howdy', 'Welcome', $text);
    return $new_howdy;
add_filter('gettext', 'mk_change_howdy_text', 10, 3);

This code replaces “Howdy” with “Welcome” using PHP’s str_replace function and applies it via the WordPress “gettext” filter hook as shown: